Christopher Brown
May 9, 2017

"College is what you make of it,” said Mr. Everson. The long debate between who's better for me, for my degree, and for my money is what every student at some point considers for their higher education. Especially, most parents are concerned with the financial burden that would take on to send their children to college/university. Even though, a PWI (Predominately White Institutions) or HBCU (Historically Blac Colleges and Universities) should not dictate the decision for what college/university. According to Mr. Everson, “PWI have better academics.” However, he also said “ feels as if 50% of HBCUs have increased because of different injustice.” However, from a financial perspective, Joey Blake, senior at the University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill, said “If the endowments of all 105 HBCUs were added up, they’d still amount to less than 10% of Harvard University’s endowment, which at upward of $30 billion is the wealthiest of any college in the world.” Yet, Harvard has an acceptance rate of 5.2% compared to Howard’s 48%. With that being said, there are other reasons for deciding what college to attend.  For instances,  “there are huge differences in the city, social, and others,” said. Everson. In other words, there are plenty other factors that decide your decision like can you handle the city traffic or properly navigate through the city. Also, social events and social climate are factors because certain words and phrases may have a completely different connotations in other places. Therefore, among the broad colleges and universities to look at, please consider more than PWI and HBCU as bases of yes or no. Seemingly the students may have different opinions. Students consider the social population of the campus determines how comfortable they are. The comfort factor is what going to determine how well anyone is going to succeed in college. There are a few students that want to experience a new thing. Joshua Mannery stated that he wants “a new experience” because one he wants to run for President, and he thinks that “ if i go to a HBCU going to be around the same group of people.” However, Michael Weary said “ HBCU [are] more welcome.” Yet, some students are neutral. Jacob Smith said “ pretty neutral because an education is education wherever you go,” and Desmond Jones agrees because “both have great education.” Truly, it boils down to the individual's’ bias because the individual how much he or she can handle as it concerns workload, preference, and social life.