Practice Life

Mackenzie Williams
October 15, 2018

Drum majors Stacy Weathersby (right) and Tasheanna Johnson (left) leading the band at Meet the Mustangs. Photo by Kaitlyn Fowler.


“Practice life,” says band director Mr. Jefferson as he encourages his young and aspiring musicians to strive to be their best and continue to grow personally.

The Murrah High School Sound of Perfection marching band upholds a reputation of entertainment, unique style, and passion for music across the school, city and state. With the booming sounds and cadences of the percussion section, the precise yet angelic choreography of the Ladies and Diamonds of Perfection, and the ever so eye-catching and coordinated march of the band, this group of talented young musicians is always a crowd pleaser at any school function, football game, or parade.

Every talented and cohesive ensemble has a leader pushing them to be their best and uphold the standards of excellence set in place for the organization. In a marching band, the student leaders of the group are known as the drum majors. The drum majors are responsible for leading the band while they are marching and conducting the songs as the band plays them. This position requires an intense amount of discipline and focus.

Last school year, the Sound of Perfection held tryouts to find its next drum majors and was fortunate enough to find two very passionate young women ready to fulfill the position: Stacy Weathersby and Tasheanna Johnson, the first female drum majors that the band has had in 5 years.

Johnson recalls her audition experience as “interview based, requiring a lot of critical thinking and patience.” Being generally shy and not outgoing, Tasheanna was looking to broaden her leadership horizons and step out of her comfort zone. Prior to becoming a drum major, Tasheanna did not have the closest relationship with Stacy; however, since they have started working together they have formed a stronger personal bond. Tasheanna is grateful to have gained a new friend and a person to bounce fresh ideas off of.

Stacy entered tryouts with a strong understanding that the position would be rigorous and a lot of hard work, but she did not expect it to be as challenging as it is: “When we first tried out, we were running up and down hills and constantly running the Murrah mile and it sucked because my legs were hurting, but now I can run the whole mile without stopping.” She was inspired to try out because of the fact that she is not afraid of a physical challenge: “I knew it would be demanding physically, but that was okay with me.” Having been in the band for 2 years prior to trying out for drum major, a member of the Murrah Concert Singers, and a Power APAC Vocalist student, music has always been a safe place for Stacy to let go of any stress or tension that might occur in her life. Even when the stress of learning a new piece seems to be  overwhelming she strongly believes in “becoming one with the piece” and taking the steps to effectively figure it out.

Both Stacy and Tasheanna are incredibly eager to lead the Sound of Perfection this year as they perform at school functions, football halftime shows, and compete at statewide competitions. They are grateful to have the continuous support of beloved band director, Mr. Brian Jefferson, as he encourages them to push boundaries, attain greatness, and most importantly, practice life.