Murrah's ACT Peer-to-Peer Workshops

Kelcie Bolden
December 17, 2018

Stacked ACT Prep books. Photo by Kaitlyn Fowler.


In May of 2018, Murrah High School conducted its first ACT workshop session led by rising senior Kilando Chambers. However, as of late October 2018, the frequency of the workshops has grown and students now have the opportunity to attend both Saturday and weekday workshops to raise their ACT scores.

Kilando spearheaded the opening of these workshops and has recruited several of his peers to help him tutor attendees who are aiming to achieve higher scores on their ACT tests. Collectively, tutors’ scores vary across the spectrum of ACT scores, with three tutors having above a 30 on their ACT. Each tutor has a different ACT score in order to cater to attendees with slightly lower scores so that each tutor can “understand where [the attendee] come[s] from” and simultaneously have enough knowledge to help the attendee raise their scores.

Kilando and his peers host two different types of workshops: morning workshops and Saturday workshops. Morning workshops occur every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning from 7:40 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. in Room 409 or the library and are catering specifically to students with ACT scores of 25 or higher who are aiming to further improve their scores. Saturday workshops are held from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and lunch is not provided. Students with any score on the ACT are welcome to attend these workshops, and dates for the Saturday workshops will be announced via Kilando through flyers posted around the school. Attendees of both workshops must be JPS students in the ninth through twelfth grade. There is no cost to attend either workshop nor is it required for each student to bring ACT study materials, however students are encouraged to bring  pencils, notebook paper, and the calculator that they plan to use on the ACT.

Math teacher Alisha Gibson, sole sponsor of the ACT workshops, delves into how her role as a sponsor aids in transforming students’ ACT scores. Ms. Gibson provides her time not only supervising workshops but also providing occasional tips to help students increase their math scores. When asked on ways she accomplishes this goal, she detailed that she provides tips for test-takers including “quicker ways of solving word problems” in an effort to maximize time on the math section.

Though many of peer tutors are graduating seniors, Ms. Gibson remains hopeful that the legacy of the workshops will continue for years to come. She notes that the expected success of the workshops will prove to be fruitful for the class of 2019, as well as lower classmen who will have “an awesome opportunity as well” in achieving their ACT goals.

Kilando notes that his ultimate goal for the workshops is to “increase the ACT average overall [and] help people get into their schools with enough money.” He also hopes to expand both workshops and have more students participate in the future. For more information about either workshop, contact Kilando via email: