Chad Weakly
May 9, 2017

When a conversation sparks up between HBCU (Historical Black Colleges and Universities) and PWI (Predominately White Institutions) a very interesting topic is brought as in which one is better and provides more to the minority and how the universities have an impact on the residence college life how does political issues affect the school do to help and your career path you choose to get you degree in. With most of the class of 2017 heading into our senior year the time has come to decide how will you spend the next four years of your life if you chose to attend a university or college? But for this report the reason was specifically looking at PWI and HBCU since there are a major factor in schools chosen after graduation and how the opinions of seniors graduating and teachers and administrators and their personal viewpoint on the subject. Many teachers gave me very different statements as Mr. Everson ,who attended a PWI, had this to say He feels “college is what you make of it.

There is so much more than just HBCU vs. PWI here are huge differences in the city social and others. As some students feel as if you can earn degree from an HBCU and they provide the same opportunities. let’s compare it to teachers and administrators who have attended Hbcus feel that you will benefit them by learning more about their heritage and have a better atmosphere with working with their own people. Now the questions shifts to how do seniors going to college feel about this topic as well. Such as Murrah senior Joshua Mannery said, “The reason he is going to a PWI is because he wants a experience so that when he runs for president he will be more accustomed to deal with a lot of different people. If he chooses to go to an HBCU he would still be around the same group of people. As he wants to major in English and a minor in film while he plans to attend an ivy league university or ole miss.

While other students would love to attend an HBCU such as Michael Weary who said “I feel as if I would be more welcome, have a lot of more things in common.” In general there are some who feel that it doesn’t matter what specific type of university you attend an education is still an education from wherever you receive it and a certain viewpoint on this topic shouldn’t matter but with all the events that have happen across with the violence on African American citizen’s there has been a 50 percent increase in enrollment to HBCU’s in the past year which catches your attention as to why this story is very important and just how social issues can affect a student output on what school they should attend how it will affect their choice.