Champion Support, Not-So-Champion Football Team

Shyuanna Rodgers
October 27, 2017

Left to right: Coach Mackenzie, Camden Watson, TreVaughn Rodgers, Coach Gary. Photo by Ladarius Scott.


Football is a substantial part of THE (stereotypical) High School Experience. The Spirit weeks, the fun Friday nights, and the biggest blue senior section across the state. While the spirit our student body has been and still is quite astounding, the actual football team, however, needs a little work.

Over the past few years Murrah’s football team has been far less than great. Beginning with my freshman year (2015-2016) our stats are as follows:


Overall 4-7; District 2-5; National Rank 2728; State (MS) Rank 64


Overall 2-10; District 0-7; National Rank 5963; State (MS) Rank 141


Overall 1-3; District 0-0; National Rank 7882; State (MS) Rank 160

As you can see, the team has gradually worsened within the past three years. Some students believe the failure of last year's team falls on the shoulders of former head coach, Zackary Grady. First starter cornerback of the Murrah football team, TreVaughn Rodgers, disagrees, saying, “The reason we are not playing to our full potential is because we don’t keep our poise under pressure. Since we have to play for each other and not ourselves, our communication and chemistry is not how it needs to be, but we are working on that.” The team has replaced said coach with first time head coach Damien Gary. He believes the team will be more successful due to his “great expectations and discipline.”

The student body and staff stands behind the boys 100%. There is a constant motivational uplifting of the football team, even when the team loses game after game. As many know, Callaway High School, the Chargers, is the Murrah’s longtime rival. Students and teachers went all out for spirit week, as they do every year without fail. Seniors even went as far as painting themselves with the school name on their bodies and shirts. Their ‘Senior Section’ was beneath and in the middle of a literal cloud of blue. The team lost the game, the final score being 2-12, but our students still held their heads high, encouraging and cheering on the team. “Although we lost the game, we won the spirit,” explains senior Teri Eley. Many other schools and students tend to call this kind of support a contradiction, but Murrah junior Johnis Randall says, “We still support them in the time of a loss because we have hope and we’re a family, so whatever happens we still gon’ show the support, win or lose.”

The football team loves the excitement and feeds off of their supporters. As the season continues, the Mustangs will continue to uplift and encourage our team to perform to the best of their ability. They are able to proudly play with about 1600 students standing behind them. Coach Gary plans “to change the culture on and off the field, from the way they dress, the players attitudes -- even to the way they care for their field house.” With Coach Gary’s new implementations, students are hoping to see a rise in our team’s stats. By the end of the season, the Mustangs will be champions.